Instinctive Shooting for Defense & Combat: The Israeli Method

For the first time, take an in-depth look at the techniques, characteristics, and philosophy of the Israeli school of combat shooting.

This book is a guide to the basic principles of the Israeli Method, and, more importantly, the proper preparation and mental attitude for weapon safety and combat.

The Israeli Method is presented in a clear, concise manner, and features photographs depicting the tactics and techniques used.

The book also answers many specific questions regarding gun safety, handling of weapons, firing positions, use of cover, handling technical problems, and much more.

Note that this book is not a manual and not intended as a lesson. The objective is not to teach, propagandize or sell the Israeli Method, but rather to illustrate it, clear up misconceptions, and answer specific questions regarding the philosophy and scientific choices that stem from a deep experience in the field.

The reader will be able to integrate the techniques presented here into their own skill-set and abilities.